16 Battles We All Face in Life

In this life it is easy to feel isolated and alone, especially when were are in the thick of it. There will be the inevitable day, no matter how sunny our lives, where something will go wrong. Some days the road blocks are small and easily managed. Others may tragically alter the direction of our lives. When struggle hits it helps to remember that we’re not alone. We face the same issues day to day as the rest of our human family. It is life affirming to look around and know that everyone you see has been there, perhaps in different ways, but the battles themselves are universal. Here are 16 battles we all must face to remind you you’re not alone when you’re feeling down.

1. Struggling to feel that we’re good enough: Someone will always be better. There’s always that friend or co-worker who is just better than you at certain things. This can really bring us down and make us feel inadequate.

2. Trying to make time for what we love: Time just slips through our fingers when we have tasks to accomplish. Responsibilities pull us in every direction. And when we’re feeling spread thin, is when we need our loved ones the most. Enjoy a nice hug from someone. It’ll only take a minute.

3. Healing from past hurt: No one is immune to being hurt by others. We have all been wronged, or brought to tears at some point. This can make us fearful or insecure. Some wounds heal quickly, others take a lifetime. We are all on this journey.

4. Learning to forgive: Sometimes it’s your parent, spouse or best friend. Sometimes, we hurt ourselves. But forgiveness is part of moving forward, and we all have to learn it.

5. Maintaining our Health: Figuring out what works and what doesn’t is only half the battle. Remembering to implement it is a universal difficulty.

6. Discovering our values: We are all given values when we are raised. But part of growing up is deciding if we want to keep those values, or make new ones.

7. Finding out passion: Is it sewing? Cooking? Sports? Owning your own business? We all struggle to find it.

8. Learning to say no: Sometimes it’s our mother we can’t say no to. Sometimes it’s our own bad habits.

9. Learning to trust: Putting our trust in someone else, or trusting our own inner voices, can be a frightening experience. Especially if we’ve been hurt before.

10. Coping with loss: Family members, pets, houses, and more. Part of being human means that we will all face loss.

11. Accepting age: If we avoid our age, it doesn’t just disappear, it will sneak up on us. Accepting age is difficult because it forces us to recognize change.

12. Trying to maintain balance: Balancing financial security, family needs, and our own personal needs is never a simple task. We all struggle to find a balance between the different aspects of life.

13. Journey of belief: Your spiritual belief is a sacred and personal experience. Finding exactly what yours is can be exhausting, and trying.

14. Life goes on: Even if we just broke up with the love of our lives, the sun will come up in the morning, and the birds will sing regardless. It’s hard to see that life goes on, amidst our own struggles.

15. Weakness: We are not superheroes. We do have bad days, months or even years. We all have our own weaknesses to deal with.

16. Letting go: We hang onto things because it’s painful to let go.